This is quite simply a fun occasion to learn about whisky, whilst being entertained. Your presenter will serve a number of whiskies (typically 6, but it could be more or less); show you how whisky can be nosed like a fine wine and take you through the finer points of the whiskies being served.

Depending on your audience, the presentation could be about whisky's history, production or taste and flavour or range broadly over the whole topic. It can be as formal or as low-key as you want. You tell us what you require and we deliver it all.

All you need do is bring, an audience hire or supply a venue. We will provide everything else - presenter, whiskies, gifts for your guests, even the glasses.

You tell us where, when and for how many and we'll work out a package that's right for you.

Realistically, a tasting ranges from 15minutes to 2 hours.

Cost is calculated as follows , presenters fee, whisky tasted and any extras you want from catering and venue hire to gifting as well as any travel expenses depending on how remote you may be. Many corporate clients like to arrange themed gifts for their guests at the tasting. We can organise whisky tasting glasses branded with your logo that make a great souvenir of the evening. Or maybe signed books on whisky etc.

When next planning an event and you need corporate entertaining that is quite simply in a class of its own look no further than

Bringing the Worlds Greatest whisky to the Consumer.




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